iPhone Coming to Globe August 22

Globe Telecom today announced that it will bring iPhone 3G to the Philippines on August 22.

Reading their iPhone plans, an 8GB iPhone 3G would cost 16,000 pesos on a 1,600/month plan, that's still expensive! You only get the iPhone free on Plan4,999 which only executives could afford..

For Prepaid kit it will cost P41,880 for the 8GB, and 48,899 for the 16GB.

It seems that the price is even higher than those unlocked iPhones.

Better yet, just get a simple Nokia phone and grab either an MSI Wind or Asus eeePC. For sure the cost wouldn't rake up to 40k. 



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  1. iPhones are overrated.

    Anyway, this is pretty cool. Just like g-mask. They have really cool designs! :)


  2. tell that to the people falling in line just to be the first ones to buy an iPhone...

    its just a phone!!!

  3. A 16G from Globe costs $1000 vs $300 in the US and the first 7 countries where it was launched. Discrimination; greed; opportunism..take your pick! And Globe says its to define their A-B market branding. Great way for Apple to sell 10M phones! Hope this reaches Steve Jobs!!

  4. Actually it's $300 only if you get a post-paid plan worth $260 a month for 2 years. Since the iPhone is AT&T exclusive, even if you're a current subscriber you pay the same amount IF you're eligible for an upgrade. If not, it's $100 more. If you get prepaid, it's $600 for just the 8gb phone, $700 for 16gb (and they're still thinking about it!).

    Yeah, only for the rich and impractical.


  5. Agree.

    for Apple to sell a product that is cheaper than the its predecessor and with more features, they have to add it up somewhere..enter AT&T's iphone plans.

    always remember to read the fine print...

    Globe's plan might face a similar public outrage like Roger's of Canada

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