Review: Logitech MX Revolution Wireless Laser Mice

According to Logitech, the MX Revolution is the World's Most Advanced mouse. For me, it sure is one expensive mouse that gets the job done. I have relied on my old cdr-king optical mouses' for almost 2 years now. It has been dropped, dragged and squashed (inside the bag) for a couple of times and still has been working flawlessly. I have decided numerous times to replace it but could not find the perfect mouse. I have wanted the Logitech MX518 mouse for sometime but could not find it anywhere, even online. I prefered corded mice, than wireless, because I heard of lag issues on wireless, or even bluetooth connections.

After reading many reviews and searching for the perfect mouse, I concluded that getting the self-proclaimed "most advanced mouse in the universe" would be a smart investment even though it was wireless, the review were positive and speed was no issue,  So I ordered online from an Amazon seller and had it shipped to me... (locally this sells for 5,000+pesos , I got it for just around 3,000+)

Initial Impressions

The box of the MX Revo is pretty solid and well built, it has a cool magnetic (I think) latch that securely closes the cover flap (small but nice extra). The mouse is perfect for large hands like mine. It has rubber grip pads on both sides and the extra "flap" on the left side provides a thumb rest for easy gliding across the table surface. The USB receiver that came with it was a standard USB "thumb-drive size", It also has the charging dock which you can place anywhere and not necessarily on your work desk since it's only for charging (receiver is separate)


Upon charging the unit, plugging the usb receiver, and turning on the mouse. The computer instantly recognized the mouse. The box also included the SetPoint software which lets users customize the multiple buttons and actions of the MX Revolution mouse. (8 activated buttons in all)

The unique feature of the MX Revolution mouse is it's free-wheeling scroll wheel. You can scroll long pages just by flicking your finger to the frictionless middle wheel which has two modes: the normal click scroll and the hyper fast scrolling.

The laser precision technology for me is no different than the optical ones in terms of performance, I don't know, maybe I have a poor mouse pad (my desk).

The signal of the usb receiver is strong, it can even detect  the mouse's signal outside the room.

Battery Life

Battery life was my main concern since I'm too lazy to always charge the mouse everyday. The SetPoint software has a battery level indicator showing 14 days on a single charge. It's not what I had expected since some reviews tell that the mouse lasts a month on a single charge. I haven't fully tested it yet but a single charge could last a week, still not bad.


For me, what set this mouse apart was the SetPoint software and the free-wheeling scroll wheel. That's it. The customization of the buttons makes this mouse the most versatile mouse I have ever handled and once you tried the hyper-scrolling, you'll never go back to standard scroll wheels again. All in all, I recommend this mouse for those who use their computers daily and for long periods, the large and ergonomic shape make this mouse very comfortable and the features are well worth your money.


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  1. just adding this useful info:

    If your MX revolution scroll wheel is clogged and you can't scroll smoothly using the free scroll feature here's what you can do:

    1. Open SetPoint and set your mouse to free scrolling/spinning mode (not click to click)

    2. Turn off your Logitech MX Revolution.

    3. Rub the mouse on your bed upside down, like playing a toy car (the scroll wheel being the wheel) :)

    4. Try spinning it and see if it's spinning smoothly. If not, repeat again.

    5. That's it! apparently, spinning the mouse unclogs any obstruction inside the roller.

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