Free New Zunes on September 16

You read the title right, zune owners now are all getting a free new zune on September 16 with the release of Zune 3.0. Microsoft guaranteed that all zunes will have a free upgrade to version 3, including the original Zune30, on the official launch date. There will also be a new software coming out on the same day touting the new features of the refreshed zunes.

Being a Zune30 early adopter, it’s great to see the support that Microsoft is giving to it’s early buyers (the ones who took the risk) Unlike the upgrades that Apple is giving to their customers (shelling out $20 for an iPod touch firmware update?) Zune is giving away practically the Zune 3rd generation with no cost whatsoever to the current owners. That’s good news!

Come to think of it, it’s what under the hood that counts. I think we don’t need the eye-candy of the packaging or the device (it helps though!) but what really matters is the functionality and what it can do. This is where the zune comes in. Bringing the music experience back to the mp3 device, taking out the unneccessary clutters (clock, calendar, contacts etc..) just simplifying things. It’s a music player, not an internet device or pda, you use it to listen to good music, that’s it.

Device Pricing Information Effective Sept. 16 converted to Philippine Pesos (45pesos - $1) *estimate only

120 GB: $249.99 – Php 11,250
80 GB: $229.99 – Php 10,350
16 GB: $199.00 – Php 9,000
8 GB: $149.99 – Php 6,750
4 GB: $129.99 – Php 5,850

Additional Features

A new firmware update will also improve the experience on the Zune device. In addition to the new wireless functionality, Zune will bring new features customers have been asking for:

Games on the go. Two free games, “Hexic” and “Texas Hold ’Em,” will keep users entertained on the go.

Audiobooks. All Zune devices will feature support for audiobooks this fall from industry leaders in the digital distribution of audiobook content.

Audible. Customers can visit to download and sync favorite books from the 50,000 titles available from over 600 publishers and content providers.

OverDrive. They can download content from sites powered by, including 7,500 libraries’ Web sites worldwide. (


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  1. "It’s a music player, not an internet device or pda, you use it to listen to good music, that’s it."

    Nicely put :) I noticed when I read the pricing info that Microsoft didn't mention the Zune30. Think they're discontinuing it?

  2. we can get free? :)

  3. how do we get it for free?

  4. I think Microsoft means we get a free software/firmware upgrade to v3, unlike some other company who charges at least $15 for an upgrade. As always, Microsoft makes their upgrades available to their users for free.

  5. yup, that's what I meant as "free" zunes... free upgrade = like getting a new one :)

    As for the zune30, i'm not sure, maybe just finishing off the remaining stocks?..

  6. @ruthie

    magkano po 120gb sau?


  7. Saber210, I emailed you my answer at blacksaber210 radio fm or something like that. Please check. Thanks! :)

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