Updating Software now

go go goo! Update yours now! will update this entry in a while//

Update: Well that took a long time! thanks to the sluggish PLDT DSL connection we had yesterday!

Now running Zune 3.0, Post your feedback guys! Nice additions of Clock and Screen Lock! No more messing around of photos and videos by unauthorized people!


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  1. just had mine updated!
    aliw yung games! and yeah the screen lock and the clock.

    and the best of all is the Manual Sync! no worries on stuff getting automatically deleted upon syncing.

  2. yeah, the manual sync is really useful! wish it included podcasts also..

  3. zune 3.0 na.. woot! woot!

    the best yung manual sync..

    sana next naman yung any video type support.. :D

  4. just had mine updated also.. but i still doesn't know what's knew with it... so i have to explore yet.. go ZUNE!

  5. I can't update mine!! sinong online help!! ym anyone??


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