Windows 7 Unveiled

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In case you didn’t know, Windows 7 was unveiled last night at PDC 2008 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Prominent MS bloggers like Paul Thurrott, Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, Tom Warren of Neowin plus others have covered the event live via their respective blogs via CoveritLive.

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This is the new Win7 taskbar, reminiscent of OSX dock but much more under the hood.

In Windows 7, the Taskbar is a different animal, and you might think of it as a combination of the Quick Launch toolbar and the classic Taskbar, where you can mix and match shortcuts for favorite applications, folders, and other file system objects with buttons representing running applications and open windows. All of these buttons--for lack of a better word--look identical. They're square glass buttons. Running apps and open windows are represented by buttons that have a visible border. Shortcuts for favorite apps and other objects have no borders. – WinSupersite

The taskbar also changes color depending on the app running called “hot-track”. So let’s say you hover above the MS Excel Program icon sitting on the taskbar, it would show a green glow, hover it to MS PowerPoint you get a red glow. cool eh? Watch the demo below from

Even the revamped calculator and MS Paint looks cool!

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Compiled Windows 7 videos on the next post. So far, I’m impressed!


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  1. waw! when will this be available to us?
    would there be an upgrade from vista? hehe. genuine stuff is super expensive lol

  2. Some say July 2009, some say early 2010. We need to buy this from our local "suki" cd sellers ;)

  3. (pa-OT.. I can't find the thread where I declared my zune dead :D)

    hi all..

    welcome me back.. also my zune.. yep.. he's alive.. whoohooo..

    after almost 1+ month in coma..


  4. @nohctis, isn't today supposed to be the day of the dead? zombie zune? eheh! nice!

  5. If you haven't gotten to play with it yet, it's pretty amazing, and almost feature-complete. It's been my day-to-day OS for two weeks straight now. Zune runs great with it, though I do wish it had the pop-up media controls from the new task bar like WMP12 has.

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