Zune T-shirt Draw Update

Well, we’ve reached over 20+ registered Pinoy Zune Users on our ZUG and it’s now time to choose the recipient of a free zune shirt c/o rebootwear.com

Unfortunately, the stocks that I have are just Large sizes. The last medium one was sold, I don’t remember when. So hopefully the chosen winner would have a huge body or know someone who has a large body. :)

I will announce the winner via a blog post only (rss feed also) So if you are the lucky winner, I’m hoping that you are a regular reader and contributor to the ZunePH community also. If the winner doesn’t contact me about the shirt after 2 days, I'll have to randomly pick again. This is to be fair to the regular site visitors :)

Winners must email me using their ZUG registered e-mail address. ty!

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