Updated Zune.Net website

I don’t know when the site refresh took place but as I visited zune.net today, I noticed a few additional changes.

Updated Zune.Net
New front page, with a preview of MixView. Ironically with Flash as opposed to MS’ Silverlight.

New Games
I just saw Sudoku, Checkers and Space Battle right now, If I can remember, only 2 games were included in the last firmware update. Hexic and Texas Hold ‘Em. Click Here for installing games on your zune.

Free Zune Pass Trial
Free 14-day Zune Pass Trial for all. I remembered using this when my Zune30 arrived. It included a 14-day trial of Zune Pass, the download-all-you-can/subscription based scheme of the Zune Marketplace. It works even if you’re an international user. 

To Sign up for the Free Trial:

1. Sign up for a Zune account
2. Download the free Zune 3.0 software
3. Go to your account management page
4. Click Zune Pass. Fill in your contact information, click Next, select "Zune 14-day Trial Pass, Price $0.00," click Next, and input your credit card billing information.*
4. Sign in to Zune Marketplace and start using your Zune Pass!

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