Acer Aspire One

Nice blue netbook with 8.9” screen, Atom proc, 8gb SSD, 1gb ram, webcam, 3cell battery, preinstalled with Linux Linpus but reformatted to install TinyXP on it. The Acer Aspire One runs as advertised! and with a price to beat! Scouting over the net, I found out that the cheapest price of the Acer Aspire One is being sold here in the Philippines!

The battery life is mediocre, the 3-cell only lasts about 2 hours as opposed to the 6-cell’s 6 hours battery life. The Linpus OS is very good. It has a customize Acer interface with sections for Connect, Work, Fun, Files. Running a standard windows installation on the SSD is soo slow so you need to have an nLited version (stripped-down essentials of WinXP) in my case, TinyXP.

Should’ve had shot it with the zune on top just to be relevant…will do next. :)


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  1. hey man musta na?
    i know this is off topic
    but it will be nice if you
    can give me a link to your
    website man

    Salamat : )

  2. you are inside the website :)

  3. Salamat man

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