Zune 120 does a “Pacquaio” on iPod

Rebounding from a tie in the last Cnet’s Prizefight between the same foe- Apple iPod, the Zune does an ala Manny Pacquaio victory, an underdog winning the bout over the top selling mp3 of all-time. Way to go Zune!

See Cnet’s Prizefight


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  1. iPod vs Zune??? man, you really think that ur ugly piece of machine can KO iPod??? tsk tsk...im not a fan of MS nor Apple coz i use linux, but when it comes to designing hardware, MS sucks! look at the x-box, and ur zune???

  2. Cnet said it, i didn't :)

    and Linux? ha! http://www.howarddarkes.com/photos/linuxposter.jpg

    but hooray for open-source!

  3. ANONYMOUS: I-hire ka sana ng MS para magdesign ng lahat ng hardware nila para SOBRANG LUPET. But they wouldn't give a damn about you because you don't even have the skill to design something equal (if not something sliiiightly better) than what they have now. Besides, it's YOU who suck :)

    Happy new year sayo bro.

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