Why the Zune30 suddenly rested on New Years day

If you own a zune30, and it took a break just before the new year started, don’t worry, it’s just taking a good rest from all the use that you’ve put it through since 2006. (kidding!)

Word from the internet is spreading that your zune will work again after January 1, 2009, you can turn it on on January 2 (just to be on the safe side) or as one commenter on the previous posts states, at 8pm today.

Here the explanation from the geek guys of the Zune interwebs

“The Zune's real-time clock stores the time in terms of days and seconds since January 1st, 1980. When the Zune's clock is accessed, the driver turns the number of days into years/months/days and the number of seconds into hours/minutes/seconds. Likewise, when the clock is set, the driver does the opposite.

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“ok all. the issue is a bug in the driver that controls the internal clock. turns out it does not like leap years. as the date flips to 09 the device should be back to normal. let the battery die the plug in and restart once we flip the date.

more info coming on zune insider and zune.net. thanks to you all for your patience and support while we go this worked out. we will update the firmware before 2012”

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