Zune Originals <3 Valentines Day

Zune will offer customers free engraving (a $15 value) for any design in the Valentine’s Collection between January 15 and February 14 and playlists from each artist will also be featured on Zune Marketplace for download. Zune is also making the Zune 120GB device widely available in red just in time for Valentine’s Day at ZuneOriginals.net and at major retailers nationwide including Amazon.com (www.amazon.com/zune ) and Wal-Mart.

Artists in the Valentine’s Collection include:

  • Gary Fernandez – new contributing artist to Zune Originals, this Vancouver BC-based illustrator and graphic designer created a fluid and rhythmic composition that represents the idea that music and love make the world go around.
  • Rubens LP – a Brazilian-born illustrator who’s new to Zune Originals says this piece is about kissing. That moment when time stops and 2 lovers find each other and the world disappears.
  • Sanna Annukka – also a new contributor to Zune Originals, this design by Finnish-English illustrator and printmaker depicts two song birds entwined amidst a garden of flowers which are encouraged by music to blossom into explosions of pattern.
  • Si Scott – new to Zune Originals and known for his unique blend of hand-inked design mixed with modern & traditional typography, Scott uses swans (known to mate for life) in his design to convey the universal belief that there’s a true soul mate for everybody.
  • Tado – second-time contributors to Zune Originals, the design-duo explains that this design is a light-hearted twist on a classic romantic evening.

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