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The Zune Team has updated today with several new interesting features. Their entire podcast catalog is now available to be browsed via and can be subscribed to.

When you pick a podcast to subscribe to, it fires up the Zune software and adds it to your Podcast collection. What’s even better though is all 12,000+ audio podcasts can now be streamed directly from using Silverlight. So if there is an audio podcast you may want to listen to but not necessarily subscribe to (or download to your PC) - you can give it a listen on

Currently, audio podcast streaming is available to folks in the U.S.

via Windows Team Blog


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  1. Not true. i am in mexico and i can play them. have a friend in the u.k that also can play them. or so he says. so i think podcasts should be playable worldwide. you tried yourself?

  2. yeah, I can play podcasts too.. the statement that it can't be played outside the USA came from the WindowsBlog article..

  3. Really ?? I'm in UK now but it seems I have trouble suscribing podcast into my Zune. I tried again and again till I'm so frustrated over it. Isn't it as easy as clicking a single click and everything gets downloaded ? Mine did not show up in the software. Plus they give a "!" sign and some error code but did not state the problem.

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