Confirmed ZuneHD specs

This is it! Neowin shared the specs of ZuneHD courtesy of their source inside Microsoft.

  • 3.6 inch OLED touch screen (i think it’s resistive and not capacitive)
  • NVIDIA Tegra powered
  • 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 120GB versions
  • HDMI Connection to stream straight to your TV
  • HD Radio
  • Web Browser
  • WiFi compatible, with wireless marketplace
  • Released early fall
  • International release of the Zune device itself
  • Home AV packs, Car packs, Charge packs

[via Neowin]


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  1. is there any idea on a price

  2. no word yet on price..

  3. actually the 4gb, 8gb and 120gb versions sound fishy too me. It couldn't be that small (4gb & 8gb) to pack HD movies and the 120GB may be a hard drive and not ssd.

  4. 4GB and 120GB sounds really fishy. For 4gb, I don't think it can justify the price, it would just be too expensive for it's capacity. For 120 gb, I'm assuming the new Zune HD will be all SSD and I think the biggest capacity right now is 64gb.

    Anyways, you guys should watch the new episode (200th) of Diggnation where they featured Zune HD. Watch Kevin Rose skepticism on a product. Hilarious.

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