New Zune coming this year

Brian Seitz of the Zune Team twittered this 2 hours ago:

@tmccurren new zune hardware this year.

Well, hoping it’s a touch-screen zune! :)

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  1. Hey Roman,

    You should check this out:

    I really hope so.Zune fans need some excitement around.

  2. thanks jhoefort, I hope it's not called Zune Touch (obviously), would prefer it to be known as Zune Surface or anything unique, separating them from the iPod Touch brand.

    Give us more photo/detail leaks! :)

  3. Plus, if they call it Zune touch it will give iTards another reason to bash it. I like Zune Surface, it will be more coherent to their overall hardware products.

    One of the features thatI want to Zune to inherit fron Surface is the object recognition. It'd be cool to put your credit card on top of your zune to pay something online.

  4. That would be a killer feature for sure. Sadly we may have to wait for 2011, when Microsoft Surface technology is slated to be released to consumers. :(

    Anyhow, A next-gen Zune hardware looks promising than nothing at all! Hope it delivers!

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