Thursday, August 20, 2009

Will gaming on the Zune HD be kinda awkward?

Update: I know that there are no games, even apps available on the Zune HD yet, just thinking “what if”

When I was looking at the photos of the iPod Touch I noticed that the device is perfect for gaming as the LCD screen’s orientation and position is similar to other handheld consoles like the Sony PSP and Nintendo Ds Lite. All of them have centered screens in landscape mode.

The Zune HD’s OLED screen, on the other hand, is centered in portrait mode but NOT in landscape mode. You can notice above the right thumb has way to much space while the left thumb has no choice but to hold the screen.

I think this poses a problem when playing games on landscape mode as the left hand would have a problem holding on to something that does not respond to touch. I’m a gamer on my iPod Touch but I always find myself accidentally hitting some screen menus and options that I don’t want to, this is while holding the iPod like a NES controller (not like the photo above)

This “problem” can be easily addressed though by adjusting the interface and gaming controls. But still, it does look awkward…well to me it is. What do you think?

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