Zune HD Retail Price Rumor

According to a leaked (again) Best Buy inventory, the Zune HD 16GB will sell for $220 and the 32GB will be sold for $290 on September 8.

Let’s compare the Zune HD price to current iPod Touch 2G.

iPods (apple.com) Zunes (Best Buy alleged pricing)
iPod Touch 8GB - $229.00
iPod Touch 16GB - $299.00
iPod Touch 32GB - $399.00
No 8GB version
Zune HD 16GB - $220
Zune HD 32GB - $290

504xzunehd32[1]These are the current pricing of Apple iPod based on apple.com. However, with the rumored release of iPod Touch 3G with camera features and faster processing power, these prices may change come September and may adjust accordingly. And if the new iPod does really pack a camera (which seemingly it will) then the Zune will be in for a tough competition. Compare HD resolution and HD radio versus the camera feature, which one do you think the consumer would bite at?

If Microsoft could sell the Zune HD at a lower price considering it has OLED, Tegra and SSD’s, I wonder how much the price drop will be in Apple’s camp come this September..


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  1. iPod touch is like an iPhone without the Phone. ZuneHD is a portable entertainment center.

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