Zune HD to come in 5 cool colors

“In addition to the standard black and silver (or platinum, as Microsoft calls it), it seems you'll also have your choice of blue, lime green, and a red / maroon color, each of which can also be adorned with your choice of 10 exclusive Zune Originals designs.”

Source: Engadget


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  1. by the way it looks, we may end up seeing a firmware update at launch. On all the demos we've seen of the device thus far, there has been no evidence/menu option for games, yet on all the presell locations (including the online Microsoft Store), there's constant mention of gaming. I'm just assuming, but thats what I see happening. At this update, I'd also expect to see the capability to use the qwerty keyboard in landscape form, which is a feature we have seen art of, but in demo videos, they have been unable to produce the feature. I don't know what to say, but that's what I expect.

  2. It's good to see that Zune HD still taking some thing from the old Zune line-up (including Zune Originals).

    @Mike, for games (or more importantly, apps) here's an interview of Brian Seitz by CNET on what's their position on it.


    I believe the initial launch won't have it (just like iPod touch/iPhone) but it will, eventually, considering that the old Zunes support the XNA game platform.

    As for the landscape keyboard, here's a picture:


  3. yes, I am aware of their position on the games/apps viewpoint, as I do get my mp3 insider podcasts, I was just pointing out that there is a lot of hype in the advertisements for the Zune HD that emphasizes games. As Brian pointed out, this is a device meant specifically for music lovers, as opposed to a device like the ipod touch that seems more centered on add ons as opposed to audio/video quality. Just like the EQ, however, I believe that enough of a market request will prompt Microsoft to allow WinMo applications down the road. And I am aware of the landscape keyboard in stills, but in every video I've seen, they've been unable to produce it, as well as I believe there was even a mention of a lack therein of a landscape keyboard in this firmware.

  4. The apps could also run on Silverlight

    I'd like the flexibility of installing apps that expand the usefulness of this device specially the tegra chip.

    The question is... will you guys buy a Zune HD as soon as the new iPod Touch comes out? (with double the memory at the same price)

  5. "The Zune HD prices look good compared to today's iPod Touches, but not so much compared to the new camera-equipped ones Apple is set to announce next month (16/32/64 GB for $199/299/399)."


  6. @Rom, I'm a Zune junkie so definitely, hehe. Despite the apparent "advantage" of the upcoming iPod Touch.

    On a serious note, MS is a platform company, the thing that they can do with Zune HD is virtually limitless. That's what really I'm excited about and my main reason for getting a Zune HD. Think about it: Xbox and Windows Mobile integration, the XNA platform and a lot more. These are the things I'm looking forward to.

  7. @jhoeforth,

    My concern also would be the local support. I don't want to end up with a still-warrantied but unrepaired zune. (in case it breaks)

    But hey, I'll still buy one if I have the extra money by then! :) heheh

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