All Zunes to be discontinued except Zune HD

Goodbye Zune 8, 16 80, and 120, and 30.

I met with the Zune folks today and one bit of information than I can discuss immediately is that the Zune HD will be the only device type going forward: The current Zune models, the Zune 8, 16 80, and 120, have all been discontinued. So if you want a classic Zune device, buy it now, as they'll only be around while supplies last. The Zune HD goes on sale September 15 in 16 GB and 32 GB variants.


Paul Thurrott

So if ever I’m going to get a new Zune, it would be the Zune HD as I would have no other choice! What a sham! What about those that like a HDD based player with large storage capacity? What above those who loved the Squircle?

Microsoft is left only catering to the market of iPod Touch users leaving the iPod Classic to gobble up the market share again on the HDD based player which the zune clearly dominates in terms of price and features.

On the other hand, this move will allow Microsoft to focus more on a single platform, the Zune HD one, which moving forward, is poised to be the future of digital media players (and phones) They can sell apps, games, services link to other Microsoft products.

Go grab the remaining stocks of the soon-to-be extinct zunes while you still can!


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