Disney acquires Marvel

Well, this came as a surprise..

Walt Disney Co on Monday agreed to buy Marvel Entertainment Inc for $4 billion in the biggest media deal of the year, banking on Marvel's roster of superheroes to broaden its lineup of movie franchises that appeal to boys.

I’m just thinking…isn’t $4 billion kind of cheap? Even Yahoo! (back then) was worth 11 times the acquisition price of Marvel. Marvel has has in its roster nearly every bankable superhero character except Batman, and okay…Superman. Disney could make tons of money by licensing characters and building of franchises for years to come, not to mention movie, toy and entertainment deals.

The deal is also expensive. The price tag values Marvel at 37 times its estimated 2009 earnings

That explains the $4 billion. Maybe I just value the brand so much growing up with Marvel action figures, Archie Comics (the Punisher crossover) and Marvel-produced animated series G.I Joe and Transformers.

The deal ain’t that bad, just hoping they’ll leave it like Pixar.

Disney to acquire Marvel in $4 billion deal

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