New site re-design for September

Just launched a new site redesign for Zune Philippines Technology Blog. This time thinking of featuring tech-worthy news and stuffs that doesn’t necessarily start with the letter Z. My last redesign was last June 2008.

Some past posts may contain some garbled words, especially posts with embedded Youtube videos. I don’t know why it does that. Some images also are expected to be cut-off on the right edges. Hopefully I’ll sort out some of the kinks.

I’ll also be updating the links above (that lead to nowhere right now) as soon as I have some free time. Hello version 3.0!


Before placing your comments, please remember to stay on topic. Thanks

  1. man ur really good at this web design stuff!!! the new look's awesome.

    P.S. will u sell Zune HDs here in Manila??? I've been saving 4 a while, i think i can afford it. Thx

  2. Thanks! :)

    Let me know if you're gonna buy, I'll try if I can order some (but arrival is going to take time)

    If you're fine with a Zune not having local warranty support, send me an email and let's see! :)

  3. don't care about the warranty, just want the ZuneHD so badly!!! Hope it comes with premium earbuds and an equalizer though.

  4. Somebody's accepting pre-orders at Tipidpc:

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