Saturday, September 26, 2009

Zune HD seller in the Philippines

UPDATED: 10/6/09

Ruthie and company, our unofficial zune seller in the Philippines :) are again accepting pre-orders for the Zune HD.

  • Zune HD 16gb: PHP12,500
  • Zune HD 32gb: PHP16,000
  • Zune Original HD 16gb: PHP13,500
  • Zune Original HD 32gb: PHP P17,000

  1. 5 units only per shipping schedule.
  2. 50% of total price down payment required.
  3. Accepted mode of payments are BPI deposit, GCash, Western Union, Paypal.
  4. Meet-up points are LRT2 (Recto-Santolan line), Gateway, Katipunan (near Ateneo).
  5. 2-week testing warranty from the date you receive the unit.
  6. Understand Amazon's return policy (we'll be getting our units from them).
  7. For Zune Originals, understand's return policy.
  8. Tax and shipping (both domestic and international) included

Taxes and international shipping included in the price. Item is purchased on a per order basis. Shipment will be every 2 weeks.

And here is our shipping schedule, as promised. NOTE: Cut-off day for the Zune Original is earlier because shipping from takes longer than shipping from Amazon. Although shipping dates are the same for both:

Regular Zune HD
Batch 1 CUT OFF: October 10 || SHIPPING: October 24
Batch 2 CUT OFF: October 24 || SHIPPING: November 7
Batch 3 CUT OFF: November 7 || SHIPPING: November 21
Batch 4 CUT OFF: November 21 || SHIPPING: December 5
Batch 5 CUT OFF: December 5 || SHIPPING: December 19

Zune Original HD
Batch 1 CUT OFF: October 17 || SHIPPING: November 7
Batch 2 CUT OFF: October 31 || SHIPPING: November 21
Batch 3 CUT OFF: November 14 || SHIPPING: December 5
Batch 4 CUT OFF: November 28 || SHIPPING: December 19
Your unit will arrive 7-10 days after the shipping date. Might adjust shipping schedule in time for holiday season, it depends, but this will do for now :)

Interested? email them at

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