ZunePH unboxes the Zune HD (now with photos)

My Zune HD 16GB just came tonight. Shot an unboxing and will test drive this out for a full review soon. This thing is small! Will update this post of comparison shots when I get it. More photos after the jump.

You can notice that the Zune HD is just slightly bigger than the iPod Nano.

This is the back cover which I mistakenly took as the front.

Very nice display. Very bright actually that I had to lower down the display.

Players stacked up. Zune 30 > iPod Touch > Zune HD > iPod Nano

Incomplete rendering of ZunePH. No Flash support.

Nice brushed aluminum engraving at the back.

The traditional “hello from Seattle” message.


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  1. Very nice, Rom. What made you change you mind? And how's it? I'm jealous!

  2. Hi jhoeforth, I actually decided to get one on impulse :) I had to buy it at that moment or be forced to wait for months again before somebody can bring it here.

    It's smaller than I thought. The screen is a fingerprint magnet, I keep wiping it all the time. Small screen also, was hoping for a large one since its HD as they say.

  3. *uber jealous*
    but i still love my Z80 :)

  4. Time to part with my good ol' zune 30. It has served me well :) will let dad (who in the first place bought it) have it.

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