Saturday, December 26, 2009

Zune HD with full body Invisible Skin protector

I installed the InvisibleSkin on my Zune HD quite recently. It does protect the whole body (front, top sides and back) from scuffs and scratches as well as grease and fingerprint marks on the screen. Why buy a silicon case and hide your sexy zune inside? :)

I have one skin with a missing lower back part (the one with the icons and texts) that I’m selling at a super discounted price. If you want it please comment or email me. Limited Zune HD skins remaining! Happy Holidays Everyone! :)

See more photos after the jump.

Front skin covers everything except the button. It also covers the bottom part leaving only the headphone jack and usb slot connector open. The top face is also fully covered including the on/off switch. All 4 corners are also fully covered and protected.

The whole back plate is covered including the lower matte plastic part.  The 4 screw slots are left accessible.

Display is still the same and still responsive but less dirty and sticky :)

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