Zune HD & AV Dock Photos

Took close-up shots of the dock and other accessories included. Included in the box is a Dock, Wireless Remote, Antenna for FM and HD radio, AC adapter, HDMI cable, Composite A/V cable, base dock adapters for Zune 80/120/4/8/16.

Not much to say though as it’s a simple dock and a bunch of cables. They’re just boxed up and labeled cooler than the generic ones :)  See the photos after the jump.

The USB wall charger can be used on previous zune models and even the iPod Touch. Don’t worry, I already tried it. It charges :)

Component cables for TV’s without HDMI connection or if you have the old Zune 30, 80 and 120. The Zune 4,8,16 can only output music and not video.

This has a zune logo on the front that lights up when plugged in.

The optical digital audio output works only with Zune HD (optical cable sold separately).

Foamy base that helps keep the base from moving. Hello from Seattle embedded.


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  1. is the av out a 3.5mm jack?
    could i use a 3.5mm cable and run it to an aux in?

  2. the component cable (yellow/red/white) has a 3.5mm jack at the other end. Yes, the AV out seen in the pic fits the 3.5mm jack.

  3. thanks for the information.
    i want to try and hook this up in my car.

  4. how much is this??

  5. and can i ask how to get the proxy settings for the zune hd??cause ive been having a hard time connecting to malls with wifi or my school wifi they say they need the proxy something..

  6. for proxy settings, I think the Zune HD can only access opened wireless networks and some encrypted ones. WPA/WPA2

  7. alright thanks for the info ^^ too bad we cant use zune pass...right?

  8. we can actually. you can acquire zune points (or xbox live marketplace points) on ebay. or some US friend.

  9. franciscofuentes19/4/10 6:36 AM

    "Hello, friends ZPH"
    my name is Francisco. I tell you to buy a few days ago the Zune HD AV Dock.
    I had some problems to run it. I did 3 tests on analog TV (composite video), and the result was always the same: both the Zune screen HD tv and stayed with black background and the Zune with the message "Touch the screen to disable TV output" and the TV with the message "AV" in the top left, without displaying the menu on the zune hd tv.
    I think that this may be due to the firmware update that occurred when I inserted the first time the zune in the database. In fact when I was introduced to the base (the 1st time) zune screen, threw it update message which I accepted, I realized it updated by connecting the base to the AC socket rather than the PC, perhaps this was not the update was complete, even when it was completed to update the player will immediately withdraw from the base, (I remember not restarted), (at this time the base, only allows me to sync and charge your Zune).
    You guys do you know, some way to make this update again the Base AV DOCK) how and where I can get it?. And what are the steps to do it?
    and the other option would be: either the cable with RCA connectors is damaged, or that the base is flawed "but if so I would not let me sync and not charge the zune? many greetings, friends from Chile.

  10. question plx.... can i play my zune hd on tv without the hdmi cables..?

  11. I'm also having this problem on my Zune HD AV dock. When I plug the zune on the dock and switch the TV to HDMI mode, nothing happens. It seems that the Zune is not being recognized by the dock.

    I don't really know the cause but when I try it all over again. It just works. I have updated correctly the firmware and the problem is randomly happening. It also syncs and charges my zune. Hit and miss I. I think it has something to do with the dock and not our Zune HD's.

  12. yes you can. you can use the composite cable

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