FS: 2 Brand new Zune Home AV Pack (for Zune 30,80,4,8,16)

FOR SALE: Brand New! Zune Home AV Pack w/ wireless remote and AC charger

Price: 2,500

  • Pack includes: Zune Dock, three faceplates (one for each device type), Zune Wireless Remote, Zune AC Adapter, Zune AV Output Cable
  • The wireless remote gives you full access to your Zune device from anywhere in the room
  • Charge your Zune while you listen to music
  • Includes a longer cable to accommodate your home setup
  • AC Adapter easily fits into crowded power strips, and the cable plugs into the side so you can fit it behind dressers and tables
  • Display photos and video on your TV (with Zune 30 GB and Zune 80 GB)
  • Zune 80GB owners can purchase component video cables to watch movies in DVD quality 480i using this kit

Will post a better-looking photo when I have it. :) E-mail zuneph@gmail.com if interested. Only 2 pcs. left. Thanks!


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  1. Mhh i am a iphone owner and don´t know, shold i´m buying a zunu?

  2. A little pricy. ;>)

  3. how much would you buy it? :)

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