Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Collectibles Series: Hot Toys Predator Bust 1:4 Scale

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This is not from the movie Predator. This is actually the second release of Hot Toys' Predator Collectible Busts. This bust is taken from the classic Predator film with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even though it is not movie-accurate, the amount of detail put into this piece is amazing.

The bust stands approximately 10 inches tall atop a skull-like stand featuring the Predator logo. The 1:4 scale Predator bust allows limited articulation for head movement and features a removable Predator mask and interchangeable open and closed mandibles.

More photos after the jump.

Box displays the thermal / infrared view of the Predator as seen in the movie.

Opening the packaging reveals the bust with the replaceable mandibles (open jaw) and Predator mask.

Predator with mask on with cannon mounted on top of the armor. The dreads are made of soft plastic that can repositioned.

Arnie fan? Predator series fan? The bust is a perfect display for any one born in the 80’s and enjoyed the film. Makes for a nice conversational piece too! :)

If you’re into collecting Hot Toys, might want to check out Hot Toys Philippines.

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