HTC Hero GSM Android 2.1 update coming this June?

Sprint owners of the CDMA HTC Hero already got their firmware update last month. Will we be seeing the 2.1 Eclair update on some of our HTC Hero Euro GSM edition this month? According to some early reports. Yes. The update is expected to trickle to HTC Hero GSM phones this June and will be a 2-part download. First download will prepare the device for the second full update.

This is following the numerous delays of Eclair 2.1 hitting the HTC Hero GSM. Some speculate that this was done to drive the sales of the Hero’s successor – the HTC Legend which comes in version 2.1 by default. I’m personally waiting for this update before rooting and installing a custom ROM on my Hero. If this gets delayed again. I’m thinking of dropping the Hero and getting something else.

via TechRadar

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