Redfox’s WizPhone Android Smartphone and WizLib eBook reader

RedFox known as the first Filipino laptop and PC system brand is going to the mobile market with the introduction of the WizPhone, Redfox's first mobile phone, runs with the Android OS from Google. The WizPhone will have a music player, digital map, gaming pad, digital camera and features included with the Android operating system. No word yet on pricing.

Looking at their site, they also have a Kindle-looking ebook reader called WizLib.

“The REDFOX WizLib is your mobile digital library. It allows users to store, carry, access, and share books. Being able to view E-books, document and text files, the WizLib is foreseen as the primary device to promote learning, ease of access and provide affordable book rates to students and to the other members of the education sector.”

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