Review: Lenmar PowerPort Mini Charger & Battery

If you are a gadget junky, chances are that you bring most of them outside from which you are away from a power source. Our cellphones, iPods, mp3 players or PDA’s are all powered by batteries that, let’s admit, runs out whenever we need it the most.

Some people might choose to bring spare batteries. If you have gadgets that require proprietary batteries (if you’re lucky, even battery replaceable) then you need to bring lots of spare batteries of different kinds. Add to the fact that opening and closing your device’s battery cover may cause wear, tear and damage over time. It is practical just to buy something that could charge them instantly.

Enter Lenmar PowerPort Mini Charger and Battery. It’s small, compact and portable. Read the full review after the jump.

The PowerPort Mini comes in different colors (Green, Blue, Red, Silver, Black) and includes 2 tips, one mini-usb and an iPod generic tip. It can charge any IPod Touch and iPhone generation except iPhone 3GS. In case you need a different tip, you can buy it separately from Lenmar. Check your device.

The portable charger packs a 5V 2.5Wh Li-Ion Battery and charges via usb port then the red LED light changes to blue as soon as its full. Charging can take quite a long time and if not used immediately can result in slight discharge.

Lenmar PowerPort Mini works on my iPod Touch and HTC Hero (works with Hero’s charging/mini-usb port). Charging from 15% battery can add at least 20% more battery life. That’s not much but for urgent moments or emergencies, any additional power can help.

The only problem with this portable charger is the charge drain that happens when it is left unplugged. I would recommend leaving this plugged in all the time in case you need it to grab-and-go but in cases where you just leave it in your bag for sometime only to find out it has been discharge when you need it is frustrating. Additional tips could also have been useful.

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