To Apple, just admit the iPhone 4’s faulty antenna design

Instead of ducking away and including other smart phone vendors allegedly similar problems in their keynote, Apple should just admit fault on their “revolutionary” antenna design for the iPhone 4.

Every smartphone has a cellular antenna. And nearly every smartphone can lose signal strength if you hold it in a certain way. To demonstrate this, we tested iPhone 4 alongside other smartphones.

Apple have dilly dallied with their response regarding public and press complaints on the antenna issue until they decided (pressured?) to just give away free “bumpers” just to provide a temporary band-aid remedy. First they said it can be fixed by a software update, now they are saying it can’t.

I found inconsistencies from the keynote, one of which Jobs says that Apple already knew that holding the phone on the black strip would cause signal degradation and thinking that people won’t mind. And then later on stress that they didn’t know the issue that’s why they didn’t respond outright and decided to collect data first.

They say they love us, their customers. I say, if you love us. Make iDevices OPEN. One step is to allow Flash to be turned on or off by the user and not by you.

I have never experienced any signal problems on any mobile phones I have owned. Mostly Nokia and HTC. What about your experiences on your own phones prior to knowing and hearing about this issue?

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