Thursday, August 05, 2010

10-Port USB Hub: Overkill? Not for me

I have lots of USB devices that needs charging, syncing, printing, uploading, downloading etc.. This is why I decided to trade in my old 4-port usb hub to this huge 10-port hub from cd-r king. Now I can just slap every usb thingamajigs to the hub without ejecting a plugged-in usb thumbdrive or pulling out some sync cables first.

Unfortunately another disadvantage of the iMac are the location of the ports. It is located at the back of the system. So its either I stand up or grope at the back of the monitor just to find an available port among the 4 usb ports. So you see, this thing is perfect for me.

I have been eyeing this 10-port usb hub since I saw it on online. It’s retail price was more than my budget. Luckily the people at cd-r king started importing this exact 10-port hub and is selling them for only 380 pesos. The only difference was that the original package included a power adapter, cdrking’s version sadly did not. I badly needed that to power a couple of 2.5” external drives off the hub itself.

The hub has screw slots at the back if you’d want to hang these over or under a desk. It also has individual indicator lights to indicate an active port. Overall, I’d say this is a good price for a good quality 10-port hub. Want overkill? Check out this 49-port hub!

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