Friday, October 22, 2010

New Zune HD apps and games hit the marketplace

New games for Zune HD again. 4 new applications have been added to the Zune marketplace. Hairball, Tiles, Drum Machine and Metronome. Check out the app screenshots after the jump.

Can you survive the dirty drains of life? reminiscent of the popular game Falldown, Hairball is a game which challenges your reflexes and endurance. As a Hairball, you navigate through an endless clogged pipe trying to keep pace with a continuous onslaught of filthy sludge.

Play the Zune HD version of this classic puzzle game. Two modes of play allow you to test how quickly you can solve the puzzle or challenge yourself to solve the puzzle in as few moves as possible.

Drum Machine
Drum Machine for the Zune HD lets you create simple drum patterns quickly and easily. Drum machine comes with 160 sound samples, 7 drum types and a disco light feature.

Turn your Zune HD into a Metronome! Help maintain and established tempo while practicing, and learning difficult passages.

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