Smart Philippines and Microsoft partner for Windows Phone 7 launch

Yugatech reports that Smart Communications, Inc and Microsoft Philippines have come into an exclusive agreement to introduce the new Windows Phone 7 in the Philippines. This is an answer to Globe Telecoms exclusive deal with Apple’s iPhone.

“We are very happy to join forces with Smart as we bring an enhanced digital experience to the Filipino public through Windows Phone 7.” With this partnership, we hope to maximize the potential of the smartphone market and let the Filipinos take full advantage of the benefits of the mobile lifestyle,”  - Microsoft Philippines managing director John Bessey

This is great news for those who want a new mobile experience, specially those already familiar with the Zune HD. It is unsure whether this partnership would mean that Microsoft point will be easily available locally and whether the Zune Pass and Zune Marketplace will remove the country restrictions. Let’s just hope that all handsets introduced by Steve Ballmer last week would be available especially the Dell Venue Pro.

So there we have it. Smart is a PC, Globe is a Mac, that makes Sun a Linux . I wish Sun will carry HP/Palms slew of webOS devices coming next year.

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