Friday, October 01, 2010

Windows Live Messenger plus 3 new games for the Zune HD

The Windows Team Blog posted about the release of a Windows Live Messenger Zune HD app. This comes after the final release of Windows Live Essentials. There are also 3 newly released games for the Zune HD: WordMonger, Castles and Cannons, Dr. Optics. All are available right now on your Zune software. Game screenshots after the break.

[via] Windows Team Blog

Castles and Cannons
Castles and Cannons is a game of strategy and quick reflexes. Your castle is under attack from the enemy armies. If you can defend your castle and destroy the enemy castle, you win the battle!

Dr. Optics Light Lab
Put your mind to the test in Dr. Optics Light Lab. Manipulate mirrors, arced mirrors, lenses and polygonal mirrors to solve laser light puzzles.

Are you clever monger? then play WordMonger – the new word game that’s fresh, original and fun. To make words, move letters around anywhere within the same row or column. When you have a word you want to play, swipe across it and tap to submit. Words can be made and swiped forwards or SDRAWKCAB!

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