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Apple (or its partners) surely know how to milk every new hardware release with a bunch of cool accessories and add-ons and that includes the Apple’s desktop entry. I don’t know any other desktop that you can buy accessories for besides the iMac. But don’t be jealous PC users! Why accessorize when upgrading your rig is a LOT easier and cheaper than the iMac. But that didn’t stop me from grabbing one to retro-fit my iMac’s behind. :)

BackPack is a sturdy, sleek looking shelf designed exclusively for your iMac. This handy little piece of heavy gauge steel is perfectly sized to hold backup hard drives, USB peripherals or even a charging iPod. It also is a great place to display office toys and gadgets on a forward facing iMac. You can use BackPack's perforated base to tie up loose cables and connectors creating the clutter-free zen-like workspace your iMac was designed for. – TwelveSouth BackPack

More photos, impressions and short review after the jump. You can click on the images to see a larger shot.

The actual item is light yet sturdy. It is made of the same material as the iMac’s aluminum casing. Very nice feel and heft.

The package contains 5 different pairs of plastic clip inserts. Depending on your iMac model, you’ll only choose one and clip it to the aluminum stand clip (below)

Don’t worry of messing things up, it has an embossed Left or Right so you’ll know where to put them. I used Insert #3 for this iMac 21.5.

Included is a simple instruction guide to get you started. (click to enlarge)

Also included is a silicon base for a more stable and non-slip surface. This is good if you plan on placing shiny/glossy hard drives on it as it tends to slide without the silicon.

Example of portable drives stacked up. Looks neat but not that really big of a deal if you have a big desk.

IT can hold up to 5 pounds but the website discourage that you actually test this limit. Better if you can add another BackPack below or above if you’re planning to add more stuff just like the photo on top. Bulky external drives goes on top, while portable drives goes at at the second tray.


The TwelveSouth BackPack is a nice way to gain more room if you have a small desk. It’s not really a necessity to have. It’s just like those PC users modding and installing lights and LED’s on their rig. You get to accessorize your Mac too albeit very minimally.

For its SRP of  $30 be sure that your iMac is not facing the wall (like mine) so you get to show off your good taste :)

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