HP launching new phones and tablets running WebOS on February 9th?

Well here is the day that webOS users have been waiting for. HP just sent out mailers announcing a February 9th event that has a tag line of Think Big. Think Small. Think Beyond. Big = Palm Pad Tablet?, Small – New WebOS Phones?, Beyond – WebOS Printers perhaps?

I feel rooting for the unappreciated underdog that is WebOS. Even though it’s not officially out in the Philippines, I enjoy the user interface. Palm has been acquired by HP so you never know. HP is in many countries, one of which is the Philippines. But I don’t expect it that they would just look at how Microsoft alienated international users on the zune platform and devices, even 4 years after its release, it’s still nowhere to be found outside the US.

I may stick with it or might revert back to Android (with the beautiful Nexus S) basing on this announcement, but for the time being the Palm Pre Plus is it. (full review coming up)

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