Meatball Joe for iPad by Nesesita Philippines

Meatball_JoeNesisita has just launched their first Philippine-made iPad app game titled Meatball Joe.

Created by indie game developer Nesesita, Meatball Joe is a new take on a classic pinball game, with fast-paced gameplay that allow players to test their skills while traveling to eight gastronomically-themed world locations.

Game info after the break and check below for a single-use promo code.

•     Fun, pinball-style gameplay that’s easy to learn, not so easy to master!
•     8 world locations: Sourdough City, Pretzel Central, Sushi Sea, Place de la Croissant, Adobo Islands, Young Chow Main, Plaza Paella and Marinara Mountain!
•     Super Secret Bonus Zones help you rack up those points!
•     Beautiful HD graphics built for the iPad!
•     Food-themes and signature dishes to make your mouth water!
•     Original Jazzy soundtrack that will make you want to dance!

How to Play:
Press the GO button to get Joe moving, and keep him alive with the flippers while racking up points. Joe has a total of three lives, and loses a life every time he falls through the hole below the flippers. Each city has a minimum number of required points to collect before the next city is unlocked. Bonus “magic items” will sometimes appear on-screen,
which the player can touch to be able to access a special Super Secret Bonus Zone, where Joe can collect more points to add to his score.

Coupon Code:
Enter code N4PNRLPXFPJT on the App Store. (single use only, first one who uses it  gets it) Want another free coupon? comment on this post!

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