Windows Phone 7 booth at SM Megamall Cyberzone


Was at the SM Megamall this morning to buy (and sell) some stuff when I chanced upon this Cyberzone event beside the food court. Among the booths was from Microsoft and they were showing off Windows Phone 7 and some handsets along with Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7.

IMG_20110326_135309I was also able to hold a Windows Phone 7 for the second time and it was buttery smooth. It’s like the Zune HD on steroids. I asked the attendant to talk more about the features and he gladly showed me his HTC Mozart and showed how the Live Tiles work and the Xbox integration. There had a working HTC Mozart and LG WP7 phone on display.

I also asked about the “NoDo” update which I know had some delays and the attendant said the update will be available by next month (I’m not really sure about that) Also asked if Samsung Focus or Omnia 7 will reach the Philippines and I got a negative answer.


They also had this pachinko game where you had to have Windows Phone 7 and IE attendants stamp your card be eligible to play. It was easy and quick  so I tried it out and won an “I <3 my Windows 7” button pin. I wished it fell on number 7 so that I could score a free Windows 7 shirt :)


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