Apple iPad 2 versus iPad 1: Photos and Impressions

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We were lucky to have been sent the new iPad 2 64gb Wifi+3G before it ran out of stock almost everywhere in the US. Our batch was among the last ones ( 64gb 3G version) on one of the Apple Store in Las Vegas.

The Philippine iPad 2 launch is still a mystery. Grey market units have been selling for 35,000 to 45,000 pesos for base model of 16GB WiFi alone. There’s no telling how long the Philippine will have to wait for the iPad 2 official release. (FYI: iPad 1 was released only last December 2010)

There has been numerous reviews of iPad 2 so I won’t add do that anymore. It's safe to say that iPad 2 brought much improvements to it's predecessor among them are the new A5 dual core chip, double the RAM, front and rear camera (crap cameras I say), thinner profile and the overpriced Smart Covers (more later) Is 2011 the year of the iPad 2? or will it be Android? Both have strong points and weaknesses (I own an Android phone) but one thing is clear - Apple’s post PC blockbuster is the trend-setter that everybody is following right now.

After the jump are some photos and comparison shots to the iPad 1 and some commentary along the way :) Read on! 


The new box on the right shows the new tapered and reduced thickness of the iPad 2. They can’t use the front version anymore since no one will then notice anything new on the iPad 2 except for the camera on top.

The box also was smaller than before. I heard that was also a feature. Hey smaller box! We’re economically green!


Looking at the photos above, you can’t actually notice any stark difference between the two but looking closely, you can see that the one on the left is showing more aluminum bevel than the one on the right. Yep, iPad 2 is tucking those ‘aluminum’ belly in!

This is comparing a WiFi iPad to a 3G ipad but beside that the back panel is now flatter, akin to the 4th Generation iPod Touch. Some may prefer the old block look like the iPhone 4 but holding the new iPad 2 is just more comfortable…and lighter.

The speaker is now placed at the back due because of the curve. My ear is telling me that the sound is louder on the iPad 2.

Volume rocker and Screen Lock or Mute switch. Thanks Apple for letting us customize what that button does. On the opposite side rests the SIM container for 3G variants.

This picture doesn’t do justice on the now slimmer iPad 2. It is slimmer believe me.

iPod Touch 4G and iPad showing each other their curvy slim backs. No wonder they both have crappy cameras due to the lack of available space for quality lens.

Smart Cover

The Black Leather Smart Cover that retails for $69 (P3,500) that I got is obviously another overpriced Apple accessory. The cheaper version which comes in Polyurethane is priced at $40 (P2,000).

One thing cool about these Smart Cover (disregarding the price) is that they magnetically attached to the iPad 2 without any fuss. They can also automatically lock and unlock the device just by lifting the cover.

You don’t actually get enough protection with the Smart Cover on except for the screen - the back is completely naked. If you’re planning to sell this in the future you’re better off buying another case that overs complete padding and protection.  Try checking Enki Genius Case.

My black leather came with some scuffs and blemishes but in fairness, the smell of leather was there. Must’ve cost Apple $3 to have these made somewhere in China.

See I was right!

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