Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Mark IV (Collectible Series) Collectibles Series will feature unique collectors items ranging from toys, gadgets, and other random treasures. Collectible provided by

It’s time for another collectible! This time we feature Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Mark IV Limited Edition Colletible. This 1/6th scale figure is a direct replica from the Iron Man 2 movie (in a smaller scale of course!) and features interchangeable head, hands, and suit part. There is also an actual “working” ARC reactor – and by working I mean it glows :)

Hit up the link for more photos and impressions. Warning: large images and may take time to load.

Large photo of Iron Man in an action pose. Nice glossy cover box as usual.

Sliding the cover shows a transparent plastic showcasing the actual item inside.

Opening up the box we can see all items neatly encased in their own space. First thing that I noticed were the chipped paint effects. I thought it was a defect of some sort but it was actually made that way to look worn out and ‘battle'-damaged’ as seen on the movie.

From here we can see 4 pairs of interchangeable palms:

  • 1 pair with improved articulations, movable fingers and light-up repulsors
  • 1 pair of open palms with light-up repulsors
  • 1 pair of relaxed palms with light-up repulsors
  • 1 pair of forceful fists (default hand)

Other items include; Robert Downy Jr’s severed head, removable airflaps, detachable forearm rockets, a sunglass, donut box with a miniature cute donut. Nice.

Showing the back articulated air flaps. This figure has over 36 points of articulation. The chest on the front can also be removed as well.

Also included are 2 bases. One standard name plate base and the other has LED light’s underneath that emits a soft blue glow around the base. I guess this is from the first part of the movie where Iron Man lands into Stark Expo and changes in front of a live audience. Looks really really nice.

Android at the back, man in a super robotic suit on the front. ARC reactor and repulsors activated! Your move creep! Whopps, sorry, wrong movie.

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