Rising Sun Computers closes shop

rsun_logoOne of the few respected computer shops in town, Rising Sun computers, have just closed up shop. Their website and Facebook account have also  mysteriously disappeared.

Reports have surfaced that because business was not doing good, they had to shut down to prevent further losses. A former technical speaker from Rising Sun have also suggested that the sudden closure of the business was because an announcement ahead of time would’ve panicked distributors and demand the return of their stocks.

Question now remains, how will warranties and RMA’s be handled by Rising Sun Computers now that they have closed? Some are afraid to go directly to distros for RMA fearing that their item would be confiscated in behalf of Rising Sun’s outstanding payables. (Which I think is not allowed by law)

I wish that Rising Sun could rise again and re-open. I had good business with them on my college years and they offer good price with good warranties and support.

The recent closing of the shop is still not very clear and may shed a bad light on Rising Sun’s reputation if it goes unaddressed so I hope everything pans out well for the owners, distributors and employees.

[via] TipidPC.com

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