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The convenience of doing anything from shopping to banking at the comfort of your own home has made everything simple and within reach. Enter, they are an online service promising an easy way to apply for loans in the Philippines. Read on for more information.

Taking out a loan from banks or financial institutions can be such a headache and getting information on the different loan products being provided can prove to be very time consuming and confusing at the same time. Moving from bank branch to the next or opening multiple websites definitely takes a huge amount of time out of your day which could be used for other more productive means. This is where the team from Raining Pesos comes in. They have found a solution to this ever growing problem and complaint by a majority of loan applicants.

According to Robert Tan, Vice President for business development, although this concept is not new abroad, it is definitely a first to hit Philippine soil. He says, before Raining Pesos came to be, they found that many filipinos had problems and were finding it hard to connect to the right bank or financial institution for their loan needs and found the whole process to be highly time consuming. This became the entry point for the idea to find the solution to this problem. Tan say, the timing is just right as there are now over 30 million filipinos using the internet.

Their goal is to bridge the gap between banks and applicants to make the loan process as friendly, quick and simple. Tan adds that alongside with their vision to make the loan process experience quick and simple, they are also pushing for an online paperless loan application process as part of their goal to help the environment. Everything is done digitally from start to finish.

Raining Pesos has partnered with several banks and financial institutions that provide different loan products such as auto loan, housing loans, personal loans, business loans as well as other types of more specific loans for Filipinos here and abroad. Now, applicants can go to one website and get all the information they need depending on the type of loan that best fits their need, pick their bank or financial institution, apply digitally and upload their required documents at the comfort of their own home, office or favorite wi-fi hang out. For now, Raining Pesos provides a fast online method to apply for a Car Loan, Home Loan, Personal Loan or Business Loan.. For more information or if you are shopping around for a loan ou can visit the Raining Pesos website at

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