Grove iPad 2 Case Review -Beautiful Case Ever!

The Grove iPad 2 Case is CNC milled from a solid piece of bamboo ply. The all-natural materials makes this case a unique piece of art on its own. The case includes a vegetable tanned leather cover which magnetically attaches to the left side of the iPad and automatically locks and unlocks upon opening the flap, similar to the Apple Smart Cover. Read on for the review. (click to enlarge the photos)

I love nature and the outdoors. That’s why when I saw Grove’s upcoming bamboo iPad 2 case last April, I decided to take the plunge and pre-order. I was lucky to be one among the first batch of mailed orders. I believe they are still fulfilling pre-orders until now and are promising a shipping time of 8 to 10 weeks on a standard, non-customized order.

There is an option for an Amber (this one) or Light Bamboo as well as a black and london tan leather. Prices range from $99 (standard / no design) to $100+ (custom design engraving) and $69 for a plain leather cover. I got mine at a special pre-order discounted price :)

The case is really well made with attention to detail and usability. The buttons, speakers, and port is easily accessible while the power button on top has a cool bamboo switch in place.

Just look at the speaker grill. A real attention to detail. In fact, they even delayed the production just to redesign how the leather cover was attached to the entire case. It was glue (or stitched) at first but then they decided to use magnets. Which was a really good idea because they are now selling individual swappable leather covers for additional customization.

The inside back part has a thin soft foam protection for the device. The top has 2 thick padding serving as bumpers to lock in the iPad. It has an emboss Made In Portland Oregon inside the shape of the state.

One thing however, I don’t know if the makers already realized this or if other people have already sent their emails. One problem that I’ve encountered is while using the case with the cover flap folded completely at the back. The magnets on the right-most side activates the on/off switch of the iPad even when it is all the way at the back. I don’t know why…strong magnet perhaps? If angled incorrectly, it turns the display off (or on) repeatedly sometimes, which is kind of a nuisance.

On the other side of the leather cover is a suede liner material with an embossed Grove logo. The cover can also be folded to serve as a stand or made into a position perfect for typing.

Fit’s the iPad 2 perfectly. When reversed, it actually can be a portable wooden cutting board. :)

An obligatory photo-shoot with mini plants for a zen-ish work/desktop setting.

Thanks Grove for the personalize message at my order invoice! I'm one happy camper.

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