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As far as cell phones are concerned, we see a new model and new app every day. Mobile phones are not only competing with TVs but also computers, even in online gaming world.

According to a research on two of the industry's biggest players- Party Poker and William Hill, they have been enjoying a boost in mobile sign ups starting the beginning of this year. Ladbrokes also released the figure to the press that 18% of all Ladbrokes online customers placed at least one bet via a mobile phone during the first quarter of 2011. Some bingo rooms also mentioned in their yearly reports that the number of players via phone has increased dramatically; and also the average time mobile phone users spent on games are 5% longer than what computer users spend.

Nowadays, virtually everyone carries a mobile phone, including kids. In some countries, such as China, the average possession of mobile phone is even more than 1 per person. They have become the most important item for us. They not only serve as a communication tool but also enable us to read news, listen to music, and chat on MSN and even playing online games.

According to a study commissioned by Pop Cap games, 44% of people surveyed claimed that the phone was their primary gaming device compare to 21% claim game consoles and 30% claims computers. It is not difficult to imagine these figures: think about how many people are walking around with mobile phones on a day-to-day basis compared to a Nintendo DS or a PSP?

I actually spend a lot of my gaming time on my iPhone when I am sitting on the train or queuing in a store. Mobile gaming is her to stay and don’t be surprised if Apple continues to increase emphasis on the iPhone as a mobile gaming platform.

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