Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New Windows Phone Logo: Simple and Perfect


Over at OneDesignPH, I have a couple of posts about design and new logo rebrands of local companies. I think I’ll do a quick one here for the new Windows Phone logo.

Before this, there were actually several iterations of the Windows Phone logo in the past. It is like every new build (NoDo and Mango) introduces a new, albeit, subtle changes on the logo. I never did like the circular and chrome look of the old Windows Phone logo (green one). Somehow it did not blend to the simple and solid colors of the whole interface. The original blue orb (far left) is a remnant of the old Windows Mobile 6.5 rehashed with honeycomb app drawer so it’s understandable that it sucks.


From circular, shine, gloss and beveled version comes out a new and cleaner square tile logo in time for the Mango release. This is perfect and in line with the Metro UI interface of squares and solid colors. I also noticed that 7 was slowly removed from the brand, in preparation perhaps for the impending version 8? Makes sense to actually just name it as Windows Phone if you ask me.

windows-phone-7-series-logoAnd remember back then when Windows Phone was known as Windows Phone 7 Series? I bet you forgot about that already because, no offense meant, it was a long, dumb name. Well, this new one just made me forgive them for that because it looks oh so nice.

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