PLDT myDSL legacy users: Reapply instead of upgrade

pldtdslWe have just requested an upgrade for the Xcite 3Mbps Plan of PLDT my DSL from the good but slow XPerience Plan of 1Mbps.

After talking to the customer service rep on the phone regarding the upgrade, she said that it will be done off-site, no need for a house visit. I then requested if they could drop off the free modem which the plan cited as free along with the installation to our home but the CS rep told me that upgraders don’t qualify for the free modem.

I was a bit frustrated since our Zyxel Prestige 600, PLDT’s first generation unit when they started their myDSL service was a bit old and sometimes disconnects (not sure if modem fault but heat can be an issue) so I thought a new modem, with new hardware might help and improve the connection. I really expected that legacy and old-time customers would be assisted and even rewarded for our loyalty. But no, PLDT does not care about their loyal subscribers.

So for those thinking of upgrading to a higher speed plan and need to replace their old and failing modem, it would be best to cut off and stop your subscription entirely and just apply again as a new user. That way you’ll be granted the free modem. Kind of cheap move to get a free modem but shouldn’t we loyal customers get what we are paying for? and that others (new customers) are getting for free?

I’m not really sure if the modem they are giving out is better (still Zyxel brand), but the fact that people get it for free and old customers don’t get anything, even a discount, is infuriating and insulting.

Okay.. I’m done with the rant.

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