This Samsung Micro SD Card is built to last

The folks at MemoryCardZoo was kind enough to send me this “indestructible” Micro SD Card from Samsung. It’s an 8GB Class 4 High Speed (Read:15.6 mb/sec Write: 6.46 mb/sec per h2test) MicroSDHC card that touts itself as waterproof, shock proof and magnet proof. I had to find out for my self so I decided to try it out :)

I copied a movie file on it to see if it still could play the movie afterwards.

I first tried dropping it on a water puddle, then on a glass of water stirring it continuously. After taking it out I pulled out a magnet and placed it directly on top, even rubbing the card against the surface. Last was shaking it inside its own plastic case and then a dropping it from 4 feet.


After the battery of abuse. I then inserted it back to my card reader and surprise! surprise! it still works! everything is playing well and smooth. I can’t say I’m surprised as it performed as advertised and this just proves it. Besides, dropping the MicroSD won’t be your biggest problem. That would be your camera, phone, or anything that holds the memory card. Well at least, your data and images are safely protected by this durable MicroSD Card from Samsung. 

The card came with an adapter to convert it to a standard SD card. I don’t think that one was built the same way as the microSD so I didn’t include it on the stress test.

The Samsung 8GB memory card is available from MemoryCardZoo using this link.

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