Thank you Steve Jobs


It’s rare that I get sad on a news of someone, a celebrity, or politician passing away. But today’s news made me a twinge a little bit.

I have always kind of favored both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and their classy competition in the 80’s more than the competition we’re seeing right now. The web leaders from AOL, Yahoo and even Google didn’t do nearly as much as both of the guys did. Probably because they already had it laid out for them while Jobs and Gates both started nearly from scratch.

Thank you for pushing technology as far as you could. Without you, we’d probably be still using dumb phones, or less smartphones. We’d probably be still using a slow Windows on a tablet. We’d probably still be forced to buy less appealing hardware and software. You have been able to mix liberal arts and technology as it should have been. You raised the bar.

Thank you for your Stanford commencement address. I still hold some of the thoughts there and personally quoting a number of your statements over the years, on my heart and sharing it to others. Your thoughts on life, design and technology has inspired me and a lot of people.

Steve Jobs - one great innovator and brilliant businessman. May you rest in peace.

Thank you.

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