Thursday, January 05, 2012

Will InSync be the first Philippine start-up to go global?

insyncInsync, not the boy band mind you, has been getting rave reviews from the blogospehere as a major competitor for the huge and massively popular DropBox service.

Forget Dropbox: Check out Insync, which syncs with Google Docs

Insync, a startup based in Singapore and Manila, just raised a US$800,000 funding from from phiLabs. Co-Founder and CEO Terence Pua has made the service free starting last December 2011 and is cheaper per gigabyte compared to DropBox as it utilizes Google’s cloud storage services.

Insync cloud storage service uses Google to undercut Dropbox
- The Verge

Insync turns Google Docs into the GDrive
- CNet

I welcome this development in cloud storage as it puts more competition in the market which means lower rates and better service for us consumers.

Good luck to to Insync guys! Don’t disband yet alright?

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