Samsung Galaxy S3 Launched


Samsung has finally revealed the Samsung Galaxy S3 at London’s Unpacked event today. Major improvements are the 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display with 720 x 1280 resolution all enclosed in Gorilla Glass 2. The S3 packs a 1.4Ghz Quad Core with 1GB of RAM. The camera is still 8-megapixel but with Auto-focus and HDR. It will also come with the usual 16GB, 32GB and the new 64GB variant.


Lots of ne accessories are also available like the a flip cover, car dock, battery charging stand, HDMI adapter and AllCast Wireless dongle. What really struck me was the wireless charging kit similar to Palm’s TouchStone dock. This is great news and I wish more phones would support it.

The Galaxy S3 will be released on May 29 and that includes South East Asia. It will come in White and Blue versions.



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